The Lux Furniture Philosophy

Born as an idea by three design enthusiasts, Lux Furniture’s collection of designer-inspired decor features sleek lines, architectural structures, exciting shades, and everything else to turn your home into a space you adore. With everything we sell – from the art decor-imagined to mid-century modern-derived — we focus on simple geometric shapes rather than the heavy ornamentation typically found in traditional or contemporary furnishings.

Each piece is designed to be personal to your aesthetic, whether you purchase just one piece or a complete collection. We source beautiful materials from around the world, such as raw-edge acacia wood, stainless steel, nickel or aluminum, velvet, suede, and silk to create furniture profiles that are transitional, so your home looks amazing whether it’s a loft located in a major city or a small town.

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Who we are

Our aim at Lux Furniture is not to become just a furniture store where you purchase your living room decor, bedroom design, or accent furniture. We want to be the place where you start your life, which is why we create beautifully-crafted furniture for the lifestyle that you’ve always wanted.

With two ways to shop — our furniture stores and online — we make your happiness and convenience our top priority. Our modern furniture is created to honor the designs of the past while reflecting this wave of design future – and that motto stands for whether you are shopping for a sofa and other pieces of living room furniture, a new chair, a desk, or even wall decor.

We create at our headquarters and involve all members of our team in the design process so that each item is as unique as your place of dwelling. It is that sort of passion that makes us the best furniture store to find modern home decor. Add this principle with our affordable prices, our expert design consultants, and white glove delivery on any item that we have in stock, and we became the smartest way to buy contemporary and modern home furnishings in the country.

It’s all about #howYouLux; we merely handle the rest.