Absalon Umbrella Gray


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Forget about sunburn and enjoy the summer with the Absalon Umbrella Gray. Pair with the Zita Outdoor Modern Deck Chair in white for a peaceful place to sit outside. Rain or shine, the Absalon Umbrella’s durable gray fabric and an aluminum metal frame keep your days cool and relaxing. Also comes in taupe and white. *After assembly is complete, fill system completely with water or sand and stake to the ground. Never leave system in an upright position without filling base with weight. Do not allow water in tank to freeze. Non toxic anti-freeze may be used.* Method one: 35-39 lbs of quicksand Method two: 22 lbs of quicksand + 6.6 lbs water + 13.2 lbs of quicksand Read less..
Features & Specs
L: 94 1/2″ x W: 94 1/2″ x H: 106 1/2″
Frame: Aluminum Color Powder Coated | Fabric: Polyester | UV Protected | Solar Powered Lights


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