New Altamura Rug Black (6′ x 9′)


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Enhance bare floors with the elegant Altamura Rug in Black. This 100% real cow hide rug has been pieced into zigzag rows for a unique take on modern design. The various shades of black adds a dynamic touch that can be enjoyed for years.

Care: Keep away from fire place, excessive heat and sharp pointed objects. Take the hide/rug outside the house, flip it over & gently shake out to remove any dust and embedded particles that has collected in the hide/rug. During your routine cleaning schedule, gently vacuum in the direction of the hide hair. Use your vacuum’s floor attachment to brush the hair in the direction of the grain. While lightly sucking out dust & dirt particles, never run the vacuum directly over the rug, do not use rotary cleaning tools. Do not push the hairs up when vacuuming.

*Spot clean only

Features & Specs
6′ x 9′
Surface: 100% Brazilian Cow Hair on Leather | Backing: 100% Polyester


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