Bergamo Extended Sectional Sofa Light Gray

Features & Specs
W: 156 1/4″ x D: 128″ x H: 26″ ~ 35″
Frame: Plywood + Solid Wood | Seat: Leather + Eco-Leather + Foam | Back: Leather + Eco-Leather + Foam | Legs: Zinc Alloy Metal Trim


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Maximize seating in elegant form with the Bergamo Extended Sectional Sofa in Light Gray. Covered in buttery leather and fitted with contouring foam, this oversized sectional features moveable seat backs and headrests for all encompassing comfort. Expertly store items in the hidden armrest for easy access. The shiny metal trim hugs every curve, providing a stunning contrast against the light gray leather. Also available in White, Black, and Elephant Gray.


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